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Alvar Aalto vase 220 mm


Alvar Aalto

Design pioneer Alvar Aalto took inspiration from the natural beauty of his native Finland to create the iconic asymmetrical waves (“aalto” in Finnish) that have become his creative signature from architecture to glass. A globally recognized symbol of timeless Scandinavian interior design, each unique Aalto vase is mouthblown, hand cut and then polished several times at the Iittala glass factory. Clear glass is a versatile, striking addition to any home interior. The tall vase is ideal for long-stemmed glass vases and makes a perfect gift.

Alvar Aalto vase 251 mm


Alvar Aalto

Each and every vase in the Alvar Aalto Collection continues to be mouth blown at the Iittala factory and comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. The Collection is a staple of modern Scandinavian design and Iittala’s most iconic series.

Additional items inspired by Aalto and created by Pentagon Design such as steel bowls, wooden platters and votives can also be found in the Alvar Aalto Collection.

Birds by Toikka


Oiva Toikka

Glass art objects are an eye-catching way to add lovely charm to your home interior. Legendary Finnish designer Oiva Toikka’s iconic glass art objects are treasured around the world for their unique blend of lively detail, vivid colours and expert glassblowing. Toikka’s beloved glass birds are Iittala’s most famous art objects. Collect each bird until you gather the entire flock, choose a favorite as a special keepsake for yourself or as a meaningful gift for a loved one or simply wait for the surprise reveal of the new annual bird each year. Decorate your home with this beautiful, timeless art. Art objects also make great wedding gifts, business gifts and graduation gifts.

Lantern lamp 250 mm


Harri Koskinen

A perfect balance of mouthblown glass, Lantern gives the illusion of light floating in air. Recognized as a Nordic design icon, Lantern creates its own sense of space and calm with or without a candle. The smaller Lantern lamp has the same proportions of the bigger version. The versatile light fixture fits easily in many places.


The light reflects a soft glow that creates harmonious ambience. White glass complements the stunning sculptural design. A striking art glass object that makes an impact in any interior.

Leimu lamp 300 x 200 mm


Magnus Pettersen

Smooth to the touch, the handmade Leimu lamp reflects a soft, gentle light that warms any interior. Copper adds a golden glow. A modern classic and winner of the prestigious iF design award. Designer Magnus Pettersen’s Leimu was inspired by modern architecture, specifically the combination of concrete and glass. Pettersen wanted a beautiful interplay of warm and cold elements in what Pettersen called “industrial luxury.” Designed to mimic a flame, Leimu is a striking balance between sensitivity and strength. The streamlined design features a delicate mouthblown glass shade and a solid, concrete base.

Putki lamp 340 x 205 mm


Matti Klenell

Iittala scaled the Putki lamp for a new collection created by Matti Klenell that features an impressively sized mouthblown glass lantern in three complementary colours: clear, copper and grey. The vertical lines and clean shape create simple sophistication in any interior while the soft glow from the Putki lamp brings calm.

Virva lamp 250 x 255 mm


Matti Klenell

The mouthblown glass table lamp stands on a four-legged metal base. The distinct shape is rectangular with rounded edges. The delicate glass has an embossed surface and raised, abstract pattern. A powder coated aluminum base enhances the airy, light design of the lamp. Virva has no specific direction which makes the lamp a versatile piece that can be placed in different areas throughout any interior: on a table, a windowsill or by the bed. Elegant linen beautifully highlights Virva’s three dimensional shape.